• Customer Partnerships
  • Unique Out-of-the Box Solutions
  • OEE
  • Full Machine Shop
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Why the Best?

KD Automation uses quality processes and procedures to ensure your project is managed in a timely and effective manner.  Each engineer produces the same high-level product.

Project Concept


What we do

Ricardo Bouche

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

The KD Automation Team uses their vast years of experience to understand what solutions perform over the long-haul.  While being aware of the past they are able to look into the future and know what technologies are providing advantages in the market.

Systems Integrator

"KD-Automation worked with me and my team to provide exactly what my project required.  They went out of their way to make sure I understood the advantages and disadvantages of using certain levels of automation.  Most importantly, they were not afraid to create solutions where they had not existed before."

KD Automation has its own manufacturing equipment and therefore foregoes expensive mark-ups.  Along with that, Spare & wear part CAM files are kept on the local server.  If a customer has a machine go down, KD can produce parts quickly and with no setup cost!